Types of Expertise

Get to know the different types of expert reports that exist and
find out when you might need the intervention of an expert

Pre-Purchase Expertise

Before acquiring a second-hand boat, it is necessary to go to professionals to review the condition of the boat. Whether it is Sailboats or Yachts, in the latter case, the engine is very important, so in our reports, we include the opinion of the state of the engine, from a mechanic of the official brand. In both cases it is advisable to do a test of navigation, and the revision if possible afloat and dry.


We know how difficult it is to face a claim. The Insurance contract is an adhesion contract. Insurance companies are the ones who make the rules. The insured is the weakest party, since they do not know the insurance technique. If you have suffered a claim and your company refuses to cover it, or the coverage is incomplete, we take care of studying each letter of your policy, in many cases, we have reversed this ruling, since the claim was covered.

Contract all risk insurance

Some Insurance Companies require that vessels that are more than 10 years old be examined by a Naval Expert. To cover claims for any external cause. Sea Risks in general, Collisions with fixed or floating objects, port facilities, other vessels, Fire, Explosion, Stranded, Embarked, Sinking, Phenomena of nature, Piracy, Vandalism, Theft of the boat or its accessories, etc.

Appraisal / Valuation

An expert appraisal report is important when: Presenting a guarantee before the granting of credits For advice on sale and purchase 
To contain an inventory and speed up the valuation of fixed assets of companies 
To facilitate the achievement of payment deferrals 
To solve with greater speed numerous procedures before judicial bodies, embargoes, Social Security, or before the Public Treasury, etc.